4 Rules For Balancing Covid-19 And Your Vacation

As this is the first post published on the brand new blog of Condian Hotels (Asterias Village Resort, Sergios Hotel, Central Hersonissos Hotel, Iro Hotel), I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and wish you to find the articles published on this blog useful.
I was asked to write the first post and what else I could write about other than what I have been straggling about for the last few months…, the delicate balance of the Covid-19 pandemic consequences versus the pleasure of being on holidays.
And YES there can be balance.

Easily ?

It depends on how each of us thinks…

Lately we have been whelmed of information that can create confusion, insecurity and stress to many of us.
Below we will analyse only 4 rules, which if you follow, the balance can be achieved.

So what to look out for:
1. Social Distancing (First of the two most crucial measures)
Social Distancing is one of the main prevention measures that one can implement. The virus is not transmitted through the air (not airborne) but when a healthy person comes in close contact with a person who is infected by COVID-19 and coughs or sneezes. (This is why social distance is so important).
So staying 1.5 to 2 meters away from infected people should keep you safe. And, because you can’t know if the person opposite you is infected or not, keep a safe distance from everyone.

2. Personal Hygiene and Personal Responsibility (Second of the two most crucial measures)
The most sneaky way that you could can get infected is through cross-contamination. That is, the possibility of someone becoming infected with the virus because he touched an infected item (an item touched previously by an infected person) and then touched his mouth, nose or eyes. Hence the advice for washing your hands and avoiding touching your mouth, nose and eyes.
But, what about those who, for any reason (some don’t believe that the virus even exist), are not responsible?

Well, I don’t want to lie to you. This is maybe the greatest of my fears. My defence in this case is what my mother was telling me while I was a student: Whenever you see or sense a danger, go away”.

3. Smart Choices
When planning a vacation, you will need to make many decisions and in many cases regarding a destination that is new to you and therefore you don’t know what to expect. You will need to choose an airline, transportation, hotel, restaurants, etc. or possibly buy a package that includes all of them. Of course all of the above must have a good value and be within the range of money that you want to spend.

My advice is to do a research and choose those companies that will tell you how they deal with the situation, they are responsive, they have good reviews from previous customers in the last two years and that your instinct, tells you to trust them.
For example, when passing outside a restaurant it is very easy to see if the tables are spaced apart and if the staff is wearing masks and gloves.
Check the anti-Covid 19 measures of Asterias Village Resort here: https://www.asteriasvillage.gr/covid-19/  (last update June 5th)

4. Stay cool and positive
Apart of the Corona virus pandemic, there is also the pandemic of fear. Do not take me wrong. I am not saying that there is no danger and that we shouldn’t be afraid. On the contrary, my personal view is that everyone should take precautions. What I am saying is that fear must go as far as to create vigilance, but not panic.

Follow all the necessary measures, make the right choices and avoid businesses that obviously are not following the measures.

At Asterias Village Resort in the village of Koutouloufari, Hersonissos, Crete we have developed a Crisis Management Plan as per Instructions of the National Public Health Organization, in order to keep you, our staff and collaborators safe.

Our staff has received adequate training and continues to be trained as the pandemic develops.

We will be happy to welcome you.